Photo Image Inpainter


Retouch photos and make them more attractive


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A photo edition software for al those users who want to retouch their photos amke them better.

You have two tools to use: 'wire tool', which is used to eliminate small elements like cables and 'stamp tool', to place stamps in the ares you want.

The result of using those tools is usually amazing and will make your photos to be better.

In fact, the 'wire tool' results very useful. Once you use it for first time, you'll realize how good it is.

Photo Image Inpainter supports: JPEG/JPEG200, BMP, GIF, TIFF, PNG, PCX, TGA, PPM, PBM and PGM.

Photo Image Inpainter is an useful application to edit your photos. It includes only two tools, but they are very effective.

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